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Episode 7 inside scoop!!

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It has been a while!!
From reading up on Beat Down Boogie’s Facebook page Mario Warfare Episode 7 has been shot. YAY!! Now all we have to do is sit back and wait for the final edits, effects, and music. The really good news is that I got some inside information and it looks like Episode 7 will be the longest and most action packed Episode of the series!!!  

It will include Mario’s battle with Waluigi!! That fight was guessed at being in episode 6 when BDB was filming, but with other Smash Club characters and back stories that they added in the fight was pushed to episode 7. (Like DK and King Rool's back story)

Also we get to see a battle between Princess Peach and Wario!! I couldn’t get more information due to spoilers, so we’ll have to wait and see what actually happens!! 

For those who missed the update on what's taking so long:
BDB Feburary Update!
I can’t wait!!!

HOLY SH*T! (Excuse my French)

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“Holy Sh*t!” is right! If you haven’t seen the latest update for Mario Warfare then you’re missing out! It looks like Micah was kidnapped by some over enthusiastic fans that were demanding footage of episodes 3 and 4. But instead, Micah, showed them 30sec of episode 6 starring Eric Jacobus as Waluigi from The Stunt People!! That was some insane 30sec! It looks so real that I want to believe Matthew Sumner really got his ass handed to him. Now I can’t wait for episode 6!!

The kidnappers tried to squeeze more information out about episodes 3 and 4, but Micah said there were too many spoilers. So, it looks like we’ll have to wait for the actual release to see what “spoilers” BDB has in store for us. From what they did show, Donkey Kong is definitely in it! and their FB post leads us to believe Link will be making an appearance!! As well as others in what looks to be a Fight club (or maybe “Smash Brothers Brawl”) scene. Can’t wait to see the full episodes! Hopefully the fans will stop kidnapping them and let them finish the series.

We also have some behind the scenes photos from the shoot to quench your thirst, for now *muahahaha*
(Click on the picture to view more pics)

Get a sneak peak of upcoming episodes NOW!

Things are stirring up in Donkey Kong Country

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Thanks to everyone's support the KickStarter ended with almost $40,000. Although it was a couple thousand shy of doubling the goal, Beat Down Boogie is still going to treat everyone to a nice video of Matthew Sumner in a Sailor Moon costume; Boy, what a sight for sore eyes that's going to be. Everything is in the works right now for episode 3, they have upgraded their Donkey Kong design and camera. Filming should start the second half of February. And they have decided to bring in a lot more old school game characters for a special scene! Micah says it doesn't have to be Nintendo-specific. So if anyone has a costume and want to be involved then hit Micah Moore up on his page or the Beat Down Boogie page.

Its a new year so look out for Beat Down Boogie at conventions near you.
Here is Beat Down Boogie at MagFest starting the 2013 off right.

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